We have been hand-crafting our signature hoop earrings in Nelson, New Zealand since 2001. Inspired by a love for old african adornment and traditional silversmithing techniques the intention was to create an earring design formed from just one piece of metal which was comfortable to wear and functional to use. 

As easy as it may sound and for what appears a simple design, this took some time to develop. The finished design needed to be strong enough to keep it’s form but flexible for taking on and off, it needed to have an adequate surface area to stand out but be light and comfortable to wear and also needed to have a fine enough point for sensitive ears without bending.

To achieve these qualities tapered wire needs to be hand forged with hammers over a curved piece of steel to ensure the alloys are work hardened and have tensile strength. Once the metal is hardened, the point of the earring is worked to the required diameter and the other end of the hoop has a very small hole drilled in to it. The hoops are then finished with a polished hammer to create the faceted texture, then buffed to a high polish so they will catch and reflect the light as they are worn.

Over the years our design has gradually evolved from a rustic look to being finer with a more contemporary feel. They come in four sizes to suit any facial profile and are made in a variety of silver and gold alloys to compliment any skin tone or hair colour. The distinctive faceted surface catches the light as well as the eye and the balance of the design enables the earrings to move freely and look elegant. A timeless design which will suit every occasion.